My therapy is guided by my interest in the human body as a whole in all it's aspects from health to function and movement. The leading thought is to teach you to better understand your body and how to take better care of it in day to day life. A lot of problems can be prevented when you take care of your body's ability to move well. Recovery from injuries is also easier if the foundations are strong and built well.

You can come to physiotherapy with a doctor's referral or without one.

When you come to see me for physiotherapy my goal is to meet you as a human being. Not as a sore shoulder, a painful back or a diagnosis. After that we're going to start working together towards figuring out your problem with the tools that I have - teaching you to use your body is perhaps the most important one of them.

Come to physiotherapy when:

- you have pain
- you have difficulties in moving your body
- you are scared of moving your body
- you don't trust your body
- you want to move and function better


Physiotherapy 60 min


Physiotherapy 90 min

If you have a long history with pain or otherwise want to take your time.



Service fee when you visit the Seinäjoki office


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