Anatomy Trains Structural Integration 3 Series

ATSI 3 series is a structural bodywork project that lasts for three 90 minute sessions, combining movement and manual therapy. It's a great tool to balance out the body and it's tensions and to enhance it's movement and mobility as well as making you more aware of it.

The first session starts with an interview, it's important for me to get to know you and your expectations and let's us to set goals for the project. The work itself is about your feet, legs and pelvis, with a purpose of creating a stable foundation to stand upon and balancing out the pelvis.

The second session is about the upper body, shoulders and arms, with the purpose of opening up the breath and balancing your shoulders.

After the first and the second session there is a so called end-game, a series of techniques that will help your body to integrate the work into the system.

The third session could be called a long end-game. It's about the spine, neck and the head, with a purpose of balancing out the bends and rotations of the spine and bringing it and the head on top of the now more balanced lower and upper body integrating the work.

The 3 series project is designed to have a beginning, middle and an end, after it's completion the work will continue on as you move and load your now more balanced body in your day to day life with hopefully more awareness of it's function.

About the schedule

It's recommended that you go through the 3 sessions in a certain succession, it can be done within a week or it can be spread over 3 weeks. If the project is spread over a longer period of time it might diminish the results.

You can go through the ATSI 3 series multiple times, however it's recommended that you'll keep at least a a few months off between the projects to allow your body time to settle in.