My name is Matti, I'm a physio and a bodyworker from South Ostrobothnia. I gratuated as a physio from Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in Lappeenranta in 2010. Very soon we moved to Southern Ostrobothnia with my wife and kid (which I now have three), from where the journey continued to Lapland and Kittilä in the beginning of 2020. Fascia came to my radar after graduation and it made a lot of sense - now afterwards I wonder why it wasn't even mentioned back in physio school? I hope things are different nowadays. I started to educate myself and today I'm one of the few people certified in Part II of the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration method practising in Finland. Continuing to Part III and finishing the education is somewhere in the future.

Through fascia I got interested in human motion and movement, how it loads our bodies creating specific adaptations which then can lead to compensations, problems and pain. The human body is meant to be moved, if you don't move it becomes good at staying still - and becomes hard to move.

My toolbox is filled with ways to restore your body's capability to move easily and without effort. If you want to work with me and become more familiar with your own body and how to keep it moving (despite your age!) then give me a call and let's start working!

Check here if you're interested in my education background.

Paljasjalka Fysio

Valtatie 2-4, 99100 Kittilä

045-258 5544