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My name is Matti, I'm a physiotherapist and a Foot Nerd of The Foot Collective from Kittilä, Finland. I like feet and I want to help you to understand and take better care of your own feet.

Our feet are amazing. Leonardo da Vinci once said that feet are a piece of art and a marvel of engineering. When your feet are allowed to work naturally, they carry you through life without problems.

The problems arise in the form of shoes that we wear on our feet since childhood. Most of these shoes don't allow our feet to work naturally. High heels and extra padding under our heels, thick and stiff soles and narrow toeboxes are some things worth mentioning. Over time your feet will adapt to this environment, by becoming stiff and weak. This will affect not just the feet but also the functioning and wellbeing or the rest of the body.

Your feet are meant to sense the surfaces you're walking on whether it's a forest trail or asphalt. While doing so your feet also have two important tasks to perform with each step you take. The first one is to be a mobile adapter - adapting to the surface you're walking on and offering support - and then becoming a rigid lever with which to propel you forward. If we have aforementioned shoes in our feet this becomes almost impossible.

If you want to get your feet working better and more naturally, the first thing to do is to put your feet into work. Take your shoes off and go barefoot. After that you can think about your shoe choices.

On these webpages you can take a look at my services, you'll also find information about the wellbeing and funcion of feet and the rest of the body, and about barefootshoes and how to transition to them - although most of that stuff is in Finnish.

Read the blog, listen to my podcast (both in Finnish, sorry) or if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

My job is to help you!

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